Spamhaus' False Allegations Against

Published 15-Dec-2010, 8:00 AM GMT

On Tuesday, 14-Dec-2010 Spamhaus has issued a statement wherein it labels as "unsafe", as they consider our hosting company as a malware facilitator:

We find it very disturbing that Spamhaus labels a site as dangerous without even checking if there is any malware on it. We monitor the site and we can guarantee that there is no malware on it. We do not know who else is hosted with Heihachi Ltd and it is none of our business. They provide reliable hosting to us. That's it.

While we are in favour of "Blacklists", be it for mail servers or web sites, they have to be compiled with care. Just listing whole IP blocks as "bad" may be quick and easy for the blacklist editors, but will harm hosters and web site users.

Wikileaks has been pulled from big hosters like Amazon. That's why we are using a "bulletproof" hoster that does not just kick a site when it gets a letter from government or a big company. Our hoster is giving home to many political sites like and should not be blocked just because they might have hosted some malware sites.

Fortunately, more responsible blacklists, like (which protects the Firefox browser, for example), don't list us. We do hope that Spamhaus hasn't issued this statement due to political pressure. will always be safe and clean. Promised:

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Update (15-Dec-2010 17:00 PM GMT): Spamhaus has updated their statement to say that they don't blacklist us.

Update 2 (20-Dec-2010 8:00 AM GMT): In another statement update on 18-Dec-2010, Spamhaus states that they have been DDOSed by Anonops and they link us to Anonops. Spamhaus is wrong there again, we are in now way linked to Anonops. A day later (19-Dec-2010), Spamhaus corrects itself by now saying that Anonops was not DDOSing them. They now think it was Heihachi Ltd. (which is our hosting provider). We don't know if that is true or not, but Spamhaus seems to be very fast at pointing at somebody without proof. Bottomline: We are a group that supports Wikileaks with no connection to cybercriminals.

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