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Rudolf Elmer vs. Bank Julius Baer

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The zip file consists of two documents.

The first document, dated 2006-01-22, is a letter from a former employee to Johannes de Gier, the CEO of swiss private Bank Julius Baer of Zurich. It addresses certain issues the employee has with the bank, including money for medial surgery owed to the employee by the bank as well as certain allegations on being stalked by bank engaged private investigators.

The second document, dated 2007-12-11, constitutes the judicial denial notice for the lawsuit filed by Rudolf Elmer against the swiss private bank Julius Baer of Zurich. Elmer, the former JB employee, had made claims against Julius Baer for stalking, corruption and coercion and is in parallel also involved in a lawsuit filed by JB against him. More detailed information on Elmer's claims can be found in the preceeding paper.

According to Elmer he and his family are subject to observation by private investigators working for Julius Baer, to an extent that his 6 year old daughter needs psychological treatment and his life is overall suffering from it. Various examples for the scare tactics employed by the PIs are given, and even though these activities could be proven and are accepted as fact by the prosecution, it is being ruled against Elmer. Following people in public spaces for instance does not represent an illegal activity in Switzerland.
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Stalking in Switzerland is not a crime and therefore Swiss authorities will not punish a stalker even though the Stalker creates psychological torture on a six year old child and his family. This is the case where the stalker is Julius Baer and its Management. In addition Julius Baer offers money CHF 500'000 in order to solve the problem and to silence a Swiss Banker. Verification can be easily done by calling Raymond Baer and he will provide you further information. If not please discuss this matter on this page and further documentration/information will be provided.

The family is still threatened and actions are taken against this family by Julius Baer in order to silence them it appears.

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