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ISAF: Afghan war statistics show 55% increase in Western troop deaths, April 2009

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May 16, 2009

This important, high-level document, from April 2009, presents 26 slides of graphs, maps, statistics and text about the war in Afghanistan. It was prepared by the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) for Afghanistan and though unclassified, has pages with For Official Use Only, and NATO/ISAF distribution restrictions. The document is formally titled "Unclassified Metrics, April 2009".

The documents reveals, among other matters, that compared to a year ago, there has been a 64% increase in insurgent attacks, an 80% increase in IED attacks, a 90% increase in attacks on the Afghan government based in Kabul, and that ISAF (which is mainly comprised of US forces) deaths were up 55%, but recorded civilian deaths were down 44%.

The maps reveal attack frequency ("kinetic events") and many other important statistics about the war, including destruction of opium crops. It should be noted that the statistics are likely chosen, with some exceptions, to produce a positive image.

Additional abbreviations used:

  • ANA - Afghanistan National Army
  • INS - Insurgents
  • PAK - Pakistan
  • SA - Surface to Air
  • ANSF - Afghanistan National Security Forces
  • ANP - Afghanistan National Police
  • BN - Battalion
  • AGE - Anti-Government Elements
See also ISAF: Afghanistan civilian deaths rises and other statistics, 14 Jan 2009
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