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In Goa we trust: the murder-coverup of British school girl Scarlett Keeling, files, 2008

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July 5, 2009

On the 18th of February 2008, the body of Scarlett Keeling, a pretty 15 year old British girl, was found on the beach of the Indian tourist mecca, Goa. An initial autopsy stated that Scarlett had drowned at sea. However, Fiona MacKeown, the girl's mother, told the press she saw bruises on Scarlett's body, and demanded a second autopsy.

Fiona MacKeown claimed there was a conspiracy to cover-up the rape and murder of her daughter. She accused the son of an Indian Minister of involvement in the affair. She hired a local advocate, Vikram Varma, to pursue the case, including in the world media.

Media pressure forced subsequent autopsies. These autopsies showed that Scarlett had sandy water in her lungs and around 50 bruises and abrasions, suggesting that she had drowned in shallow water after a struggle. She had also ingested a cocktail of drugs including LSD and Cocaine. The Central Bureau of Investigation took over the case. Two men were detained and a police officer suspended. The case is ongoing.

The case became the subject of a Channel 4 documentary, which was screened in May 2009. It is also the subject of a forthcoming Bollywood movie. The murder draws attention to the spiritual and economic corruption of the once celebrated Goan culture by tourism and the Russian mafia. In 2007 a Russian detective was reported to have also been murdered in Goa.

See also 1220 pages of email related to the case which gives further context to these files.
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