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US Army Camp Bucca Detainee Death Reporting Procedure, 10 Feb 2007

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May 13, 2009

Camp Bucca, Iraq, is the largest US military prison site in the world, holding between 10,000 and 20,000 detainees — dwarfing Guantanamo bay (Camp Delta), which even at its peak held under 700 individuals. And unlike Guantanamo, which is easily accessible to US reporters, laying only 100 miles from the Flordia cost, Camp Bucca has received little media attention, despite more prisoners and more deaths.

WikiLeaks has released a number of documents related to Camp Bucca, Guantanamo, and related sites such as Abu Grahib and the prison at Bagram, Afghanistan.

This document presents the Detainee Death Reporting Procedure for Camp Bucca, together with its distribution memo, dated, 10 Feb 2007. It is likely the procedure, or one similar to it, is also used in other US military prisons.

While the contents contain few surprises, it does list a number of tasks involved in detainee death reporting which create distinct paper trails. These paper trails, having now being named, can be obtained under the Freedom of Information Act or through other methods.
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